Retire and live well in Mexico

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Retire and live well in Mexico

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:14 am

Many people are afraid to even come to Mexico, but I have been living here for three years now. Sure, there are plenty of places to get yourself robbed, kidnapped or even killed in Mexico, but that is mainly along the northern border. Once you get into Mexico itself the police and people are extremely polite to Americans. This is an ancient culture, thousands of years old and visiting the small villages and large cities is fascinating. The food is really great too and here is the best part, you can retire here and live really well even on social security. Instead of scrimping to get by, you can live really well, travel, eat out and even have a maid and or a gardener on social security income. But you really need to do some research on where to live. I lived on the coast of the Caribbean and it was beautiful, but anywhere along the coast is tourist town and the prices are higher along with the crime as the cartel follows the money. So we live in the mountains. Today is August 14 and it is 68 degrees this morning with 67% humidity. We can eat breakfast for two for $2.50 and it is really good, quesadillas and sopas with coffee. My electric bill was $44.68 and that is our biggest bill as we own the house. Still, even with renting you can live well. I will post some pictures of different parts of Mexico. I'll start with Oaxaca, it is really beautiful, the streets are clean and a lot of Americans and Europeans come in and out on vacation, there are very colorful festivals like the Day of the Dead when they remember and celebrate their loved ones who have passed on. So, let's look at Oaxaca, there is graffiti and then there is art. This is on the wall going to the "Marcado" like our farmers market but they sell everything.

Baby on board, a young woman selling brightly painted toothpicks painted like birds.

Unbelievably low prices on handmade pottery

Beautiful town squares like the one we live in.

Museums as this is a very ancient culture.


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